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Search / compare hotels worldwide

Find the cheapest and comfortable hotel rooms in any destination. For hotel booking you need only bank card (Visa, Master Card)

- იაფი სასტუმროები | cheap hotels

- მარტივი დაჯავშნა | easy booking

Why book hotels online?

Start your hotel search as early as you can. The longer stretch of time you have to search the better deal you’ll likely find. Often, early bookers get the best rooms too.

You can always keep money and time with online booking services

If your dates could be flexible then compare different dates for the best rates. Hotels can fill up for a big convention or big event. Busy and expensive one weekend. Empty and cheap the next.

Please notice that we compare all hotels prices between hotel booking engines and show the best and cheap rates for hotels!


What is your benefit?

სასტუმროები online - our friendly service offers you to search hotels in Georgia - Tbilisi, Batumi, Bakuriani or Borjomi and worldwide and compare prices of several hotels booking engines like, expedia, etc.

Keep up to 20% money!

Don't lose your time while searching cheap hotels in travel agencies!

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